Rhodes Gluten Free

The first and only 100% gluten free café, snack bar and shop in Rhodes.



Start your day with a nice cup of coffee, enjoy a refreshing lemonade in the hottest hours and cheer with wine or a gluten free Greek beer in the late afternoon.


Yes, our menu is 100% gluten free! Come and enjoy Greek delicacies like cheese or spinach pie by Chef Marinos Kosmas, or fix your craving for a good old club sandwich with french fries.


Do you need a snack to go? Are you in Rhodes on holiday and you love culinary souvenirs? In our little shop you will find both of them: local and delicious products to take with you.

You can’t miss Rhodes Gluten Free: here’s why

We want your experience in Rhodes to be as exciting and complete as possible – and that includes eating delicious gluten free food, of course. We understand your frustration, coming to Greece and not getting to taste any gluten free dishes besides salads and grilled meat or fish. We know how important it is for you to avoid cross-contamination: that’s why our eatery is completely gluten free.

Here are 6 of the many reasons why you can’t miss Rhodes Gluten Free.


It’s a 100% gluten free and celiac-safe facility. But regular eaters will love it too!


You will taste the most famous Greek food in its gluten free version, directly from Chef Marinos Kosmas.


Got an excursion planned? We save your meals, with the gluten free snacks from our shop!


Beer lovers will find gluten free beer, from Greece and beyond, for a refreshing sip.


If you’re more of a coffee person, you can pair your gluten free food with your favorite cup of energy.


Culinary souvenirs will complete the picture of your perfect and mouthwatering Greek holiday.

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Gluten free food in Greece

Generally speaking, it’s not hard to find gluten free food in Greece. The worldwide-famous Greek salad is naturally gluten free, as well as grilled meat and fish, or yogurt with honey and nuts. All true, and we are blessed to visit or live in a country that offers so much genuine and hearty food.

But what about cross-contamination? And how much knowledge about gluten do they have in restaurants, hotels and cafes in general? That’s a whole different story. When we arrived in Greece, as gluten intolerant people it was very hard to find safe options. It still is! Sometimes staff in eateries of any kind don’t even know what gluten is, let alone knowing how to prepare a meal without contaminating it. That’s exactly where we got the idea for Rhodes Gluten Free. A celiac-safe food spot, completely dedicated to gluten free, to address the needs – and satisfy the cravings – of all the gluten intolerant people out there!

Our food menu

Savory pies – like spanakopita (spinach pie) and tyropita (cheese pie) – and sweet ones – like bougatsa (custard pie) and baklava with nuts and syrup. But also pita bread with dips such as tzatziki and hummus. All these typical Greek foods, gluten free and safe to eat for celiac and intolerant people, will be available thanks to our collaboration with Chef Marinos Kosmas! And let’s not forget the rest: pizza (on demand, so please order it in advance on our social media!), club sandwich or pita club sandwich with French fries, toasts, special desserts – yes, all those things that you crave but can’t usually eat due to the risk of cross-contamination. Rhodes Gluten Free has got you covered! Aren’t you drooling already?

Gluten free beer Rhodes Greece

Our drinks

We love our gluten free Greek food, but we are not only about that. Do you need an energy boost? Our coffee collection will do the work. Grab it to go or sit and pair it with a sweet or savory treat: its scent and taste will wake you up even after the longest night – and before an intense day of exploring or work. And if you’re wondering whether you can find gluten free beer in Greece, the answer is: yes, at Rhodes Gluten Free! We offer you a selection of Greek gluten free beers (Voreia and Nissos), that will cheer you up even on the hottest summer afternoon. Of course, wine and soft drinks are also available, to cater to everyone’s preferences. Cheers – or, how we say here: yamas!


The shop

Maybe you need a snack to bring with you to the beach or on an excursion. Or perhaps you are staying in an apartment and you wish for some high-quality bites to have at hand and complete your meals. It could also be that you are flying back soon and you want to take with you a culinary memory of your holiday in Rhodes. That’s when our little shop corner comes into action! On the shelves you can find all kinds of gluten free snacks: savory, like artisanal breadsticks, and sweet, like typical Greek cookies and raw energy bars. Plus, some enogastronomic souvenirs such as melekouni, a Rhodian sweet with honey and sesame, and so on. And – stay tuned – soon we might have t-shirts and merchandise too!

Gluten free shop Rhodes Greece

Place your order to Rhodes Gluten Free!

If you are in Rhodes for a long holiday, or if you live here and you’re tired of eating only industrial gluten free food, Rhodes Gluten Free comes to your rescue. Fresh bread, pitas, cookies, cakes: just come visit us or send us a message, place your order and it will be delivered to our shop once a week. All you have to do is pick it up… and enjoy it!

Are you craving pizza? We need you to order it in advance because it takes 1.5 hours to rise properly and be cooked to perfection. Please, send us a message on Instagram or Facebook to reserve your gluten free pizza!

Get in touch with us

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